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Interactive / Realtime Architectural Visualisations

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It’s an exciting time for interactive virtual architecture. New web browsers now have the capability of displaying 3D graphics using the same technology that has been behind computer games for years.  Here at Cedeon Design we have pioneered our own design process to leverage these technologies to display interactive architectural spaces to clients that wish to virtually explore a space before it is constructed in the real world.

 “We use open standards and technologies such as WebGL & three.js so we don’t have to rely on proprietary browser plug-ins to serve our content:- Open up a recent web browser and it just works.”

Imagine you have a design in your mind that you think is amazing but you need confirmation that the dimensions and constraints of the real world are playing out exactly as you perceive them.  We can create or take a design an re-create it in a fully immersive 3D real-time environment and then drop you inside of it to walk around as an avatar.  You get to explore the space and get a first person perspective of the built design before a proverbial spade hits the ground.  This can not only save you from having to make on-site design changes but it also has many other advantages such as:

Fully interactive sun and shadow studies.  We can create interactive controls allowing you to choose a time and date of the year and see how the shadows play out and affect your design.

Testing construction access, plant & machinery on site . For example we can drop in models of cranes etc. and see how they manoeuvre on a given plot.

Finishes, fittings & interior design changes.  Interactive colour swatches allow you to change materials and see the results in real-time.

Lighting.  Interactive light placements allow you to quantify and move lights around to visualise the effect in the space.

Physics.  You might need to simulate various physical effects such as gravity and wind and play around with it in an interactive environment.

Here at Cedeon Design we are passionate about all kinds of 3D design.  If you have a project that it outside the scope of what is mentioned here but is related to interactive Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) feel free to run it by us and I’m sure we would like to get involved!