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Striving beyond typical walk-throughs and fly-throughs we can deliver stunning interactive and photorealistic animations for presentations & marketing while staying within attractive rates.  We study film editing and endeavour to tell a story and to lead the eye in harmonious ways.

Why to buy architectural animation

Whether you are a home-owner looking to modify your house, a property developer, interior designer, builder or architect there is real value in visualising your design holistically before attempting to build it for real.  This can be for your own benefit and peace of mind or for the benefit of others for example to help future neighbours  support your Planning Application.   It can also help sell your property as we can achieve pristine clean imagery which is expressively controlled.  Being digital it also lasts forever and we always supply the 3d model to you which can save you money down the line should you ever need a 3d record.

Where it applies.

For most of our clients we use it to present things like residential home design, house extensions, loft conversions and interior design.  Its also great for landscapers and civil planning and can easily benefit heritage and historical landmarks by creating a simulated digital snap shot that never erodes.


A Case Study

The video shown above is an example of some work we did for Adrian Tuchel (http://adriantuchel.gallery) .  Based on a real venetian boat store which is the actual location of Adrian’s art gallery event, we set out to create a virtual art gallery to showcase Adrian’s paintings.

Balancing cost with value for Architectural Animations.

Costing for architectural animations is a tricky process.  We know our clients don’t have Hollywood budgets but at the same time they want stunning looking results.  Here at Cedeon we are constantly striving to hone our craft but with an constant eye on giving our productions as much value as possible with the least cost.

“Art is never finished – only abandoned.”

– Leonardo Da Vinci

The quote above sums it up.  We would all love a cost allocation that would allow us to spend as much time as we like on an architectural movie but real world budget constraints often don’t allow this.

How we achieve our low costs without sacrificing quality.

1. Use of emerging technology

We recently overhauled our animation pipeline and now almost exclusively use computer game engine technology to drive our costs down to unprecedented rates.  What used to take hours and sometimes days to render animations we can now rapidly iterate on and see instant feedback.  Computer game engines have only recently come to a point where we can achieve the visual fidelity we required- we’ve been waiting for years to make the transition and as soon as it was technically feasible we jumped on real-time technology in our usual pioneering fashion.  As of writing we appear to be one of the few studios in the UK that have integrated realtime technologies in this manner.

2. By Spring boarding off your existing designs/plans.

Back when we started this business in 2005 we came from a standard architectural practice, so our roots are in technical design.  We’ve carried these skills with us and are therefore very comfortable with taking existing Architects’ drawings / plans – even full 3D BIM models.  We never re-do work we don’t have to and we always pass these inherited cost savings directly to you.

3.  By looking at your use-case individually.

We treat each client individually and we will always work backward from your intended use case to deliver the right animation product to suit your needs and budget.  We have a large collection of prior work with differing levels of detail and can supply you with examples of what you will get for your money.

A chance to get free Architectural Animations

From time to time we do pro bono work.  We like to help charities, local organisations & schools but we are also enticed to do freebies if the project is particularly interesting.  If you think you can pull our leg into working on your project, please get in touch.  It never hurts to ask.

Some Terminology & explanation of the general process.

Architectural animations are sometimes referred to as architectural walk-throughs or fly-throughs.  Some people in the business use a wider term ‘Arch Viz’ which is short for Architectural Visualization.  All these things are essentially the same thing and they comprise of creating a set of still images and showing them to the user in rapid succession (normally 30 images per second) to give the illusion of motion.  This is often achieved by computer aided design software. The process involves first creating virtual 3d models of each object which is to be represented such as walls and furniture.   The next step is to apply texture maps which are 2D images which represent colour and shading and mix these with virtual materials which simulate the way light and shadow behaves on each object.  Once these processes are done we can drop in a virtual camera and a process called ‘Rendering’ uses computer calculations to generate a flat 2D image which represents our simulated scene.  To achieve photo realism we have to calculate the way light interacts with the scene and how it bounces around and gets occluded in crevasses etc.  There is a lot to it and you really can go as far as you want with it and achieve almost uncanny realism as is demonstrated in film/movies .

Virtual Reality and beyond.

Mixing virtual reality with architectural animation is truly the most immersive experience there is short of actually building your project for real.  We can deliver Virtual reality 3D 360 degree panoramic architectural animations that give you a palpable sense of space that no flat image is capable of matching.  To find out more please check out our separate page on Virtual Reality here.