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Image showing a virtual street scene photograph of a proposed housing developement.

Bespoke Property Marketing Web Page with CGI Visuals

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We are now selling bespoke property marketing web pages such as the one shown above.  We hope this will be a great accompaniment to our CGI 3D Architectural Visualisations and offer a complete package to property developers.  Combined with our CGI Imagery & Architects’ 2D Plans this should make for a comprehensive promotional marketing product.

We offer a managed and non managed version of the web page along with all the source code.  Unlike other companies that just offer branded skins for example WordPress templates, all of our websites are hand crafted and completely bespoke.  We will work with you to offer a unique page that suits your needs and conveys the information that you wish to promote.


Property Marketing Website Portals for Rent by Cedeon Design

A Complete Solution

From the confines and capital safety of the early design stage we can demonstrate what a fully built property would look like as well as release its marketing material, publicly before anything is built.  Using our products we can get you to market earlier, gather up interest and help gain investors and potential buyers, all from the safety of the early design process.  This allows you to speculate and is a great low cost/high impact way to gauge interest.  We believe this can also drive positive design decisions by gathering feedback and help you make decisions that would not be as easy to make if you had committed them to the actual build.

Our process.

  1. From 2D drawings, or sketches we first start by creating 3D models of the proposal.  Working with you to apply virtual building materials & furnishings we then generate a complete photorealistic 3D visualisation of your building proposal and generate marketing visuals such as exterior street scenes, interior designs etc.
  2. Using the 3D visualisations above we create a bespoke fully responsive website such as the example here:-
    We embellish this with marketing and design information, 2D plans, specifications etc to create a comprehensive marketing product.