Cedeon Design

New Build Housing Development Close Up

New Build Houses, Cambridge outskirts

We were lucky enough to get on board with a local residential property developer and take Architects’ manually drawn paper drawings through our 3D Modeling and Architectural Visualisation pipeline to produce this virtual model and set of proposed street scenes for the Client.  This has already proved invaluable as straight away the Client was able to change the windows after using our visual to determine that the ones previously picked didn’t quite fit with the way this building played out in the environmental context.  We were able to rapidly iterate on the model to produce visual options and this is the result. It’s real world benefits like that add value to what we do and our ultimate goal is to provide a net negative cost to construction projects when compared with a non 3D approach.

Barton Detached House Street Scene Unit 2

Virtual Street Scene showing Unit number 2 of a 2 Detatched new build residential home development in rural Cambridgeshire.