Cedeon Design

image showing a 3d architectural visualisation of a concept petroleum station kiosk.

Petrol Filling Station Architectural Animation

Still image of a Petrol Filling Station Concept

A still image from an architectural animation we made.

We were commissioned to create a flythrough / walkthrough animation of a conceptual Petrol Station in order to highlight key aspects of the construction process.  This was a 3 week project in which we created 6 shots and over 2000 full HD (1920 x 1080) frames.

We were provided architectural CAD plans and some photos of a newly built site and from this we created a 3D model.  We also used aerial photography as a spring board to create our own imaginary environment.

We created over 150 separate virtual materials for this visualisation project ranging from asphalt to zinc plating and used Blender and the Cycles rendering engine.

We also used Blender exclusively for composition, post production and video editing by rendering each frame with 5 layered openEXR format from Cycles and then re-importing the renders back into Blender for composition.  This used a staggering 1TB of intermediate storage but gave us a huge amount of flexibility towards the end of the process.

Although the final result is not quite photo-realistic, our client was more than happy with the result we achieved within the time-scale and budget.  We feel we pick a good point along the curve when it comes to cost effective 3D visualisation, you can throw more and more money and time at a project to get closer to true photo realism but you can get 90% of the way there for a fraction of the cost.

Shown above is a still image of the overall site, snippets of the animation can be found in our demo reel.