Cedeon Design

image showing an artists impression of a proposed office complex development.

Proposed Rural Office Complex

Picture of a 3D Computer Generated Image of a Proposed Architectural Office Development.

We were provided a topographical survey and some proposal drawings and we produced this set of visualisations to accompany a planning application.

We produced and rendered this set of computer generated visualisations for a Client that required a graphical supplement to a set of planning application drawings.  We tried to accurately represent the proposed development’s impact on the natural environment along with showing the design decisions that reduce it.  This is easier to do with imagery than monochrome CAD drawings.

Its rather subtle on the images shown but we ended up generating true topography & ground relief because we were supplied with a verbose survey which had levels data.  We were able to map the proposed ground surface directly onto this level data to more accurately show how the proposed development will sit on the existing land.