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Residential Park Home Architectural Rendering

Architectural Rendering of a Residential Park Home Development

We were commissioned to provide a set of proposed development Architectural Renderings for a Luxury Residential Park Home and Touring Park Development in Shropshire, England.  Using 5 different Park Home designs, supplied in 2D form (Plans and Elevations) along with a proposed site plan, we created 5no 3D models of building variants like the two shown below and positioned these from a random pool on the site.  We produced a few aerial shots of the entire site along with some close up shots like the ones pictured below.


Residential Park Home Architectural Visualisation

Another View of this Residential Park Home and Touring Park Development in Shropshire, England



Aerial Visualisation of a proposed Residential Park Home Development

Here we have an Aerial Visualisation of the proposed Residential Park Home Development & Touring Park. The entire environment is computer generated art with 100’s of trees. We used aerial photography as a reference.



Residential Park Home Architectural Rendering

A Conceptual Style render of one of the Park Homes for this site.

Picture showing Commercial Square for Cambridge Growth Site - Darwin Green One

Proposed Commercial Square in Cambridge, UK

Darwin Green One, a proposed Cambridge city growth site.

We were commissioned to assist the Landscape Architects through a planning process by providing a set of 3D visualisation renders of their commercial square proposal for the Darwin Green One Cambridge city growth development.  This was an exciting project although we were given a tight deadline so didn’t get a chance to iterate on our final render as much as we had hoped.  We also had to make a few compromises to the surrounding proposed buildings but we feel the overall context was still communicated,  which was our design goal.








Image showing a virtual street scene photograph of a proposed housing developement.

Residential Housing Development in Cambridgeshire, UK

Image showing a virtual aerial photograph of a proposed housing development.

One of the benefits of creating a virtual 3D housing model is the ability to be able to move the camera into difficult positions like this aerial shot.

We were recently commissioned to create a set of 3D Architectural Visualisations for a 44 dwelling residential housing development in Cambridgeshire, England. We took a trip to site and took photographs of the proposal area and used these to create a virtual representation of the environment complete with matching tree & foliage species. In the interests of attention to detail and realism we also created a set of bespoke HDRI images to use for our image based lighting setup as the weather was nice upon our arrival.
Using supplied 2D CAD plans and basic elevations we set out to meticulously model each building unit. Unlike other visualisation studios we work on a full 3D site model because it gives our clients the opportunity to go back in to make changes- change viewing angles and highlight key areas later on in the design process. Its easy to work on one still image and achieve photo realism- much harder to create a fully holistic environment which can be animated & explored- our workflow straddles the two nicely- at least we think so anyway!

Image showing a virtual street scene photograph of a proposed housing development.

Virtual Street Scene.


Image showing a virtual street scene photograph of a proposed housing development.

A 3d visualisation render of the site entrance to this residential housing development


Image showing a virtual photograph of a proposed housing development.

Wildlife Area to rear of site.


Close up shot of the street view 3D visualization we produced for this proposed housing development in Cambridgeshire.

Proposed Bungalow in Cambridgeshire, UK

This image was created on a tight budget and time constraint (2 days) but the street scene in particular gets the message across that the proposal fits nicely in the cul-de-sac.  We were supplied hard copies of the proposal drawings so it was time to dust off the scale ruler!.

Remember, if you have a House extension, Loft conversion or self built house project and you would like a 3D Visualisation like this one at low cost, please use this form us for a fast quotation.

An overhead and street scene for a proposed bungalow in Burwell, Cambridgeshire.

An overhead and street scene for a proposed bungalow in Burwell, Cambridgeshire.

image showing a proposed architectural 3d visualization by cedeon design

Proposed Fishing Lodge

We recently created an accurate BIM model for a UK Building Regulations application of this proposed lake side fishing lodge.  We then imported this model into Blender along with the meticulously recreated 3D topography from survey data to create the image below.  All the foliage was created in blender.  The whole piece took around 3 working days to complete.

A 3D render of a proposed lakeside fishing lodge designed by Architect Julian P King.

A 3D render of a proposed lakeside fishing lodge (concept by Architect Julian P King). We created a BIM model for working drawings and then imported it into Blender to create this render.



image showing a close up of a 3D Visualization of a traditional Black Featherboard House in Essex, UK

Proposed Dwelling – Black Featherboard House

These images were made with Blender & GIMP.  These were made to accompany a Local Authority Planning Application in the Uttlesford area.  The site is a true 3d representation of the actual site, including all levels and boundary foliage.

Image of a proposed black featherboard traditional style house in Essex, England.

Image of a proposed black featherboard traditional style house in Essex, England.

Image of a proposed black featherboard traditional style house in Essex, England.

Image of a proposed black featherboard traditional style house in Essex, England.

image showing an artists impression of a proposed office complex development.

Proposed Rural Office Complex

Picture of a 3D Computer Generated Image of a Proposed Architectural Office Development.

We were provided a topographical survey and some proposal drawings and we produced this set of visualisations to accompany a planning application.

We produced and rendered this set of computer generated visualisations for a Client that required a graphical supplement to a set of planning application drawings.  We tried to accurately represent the proposed development’s impact on the natural environment along with showing the design decisions that reduce it.  This is easier to do with imagery than monochrome CAD drawings.

Its rather subtle on the images shown but we ended up generating true topography & ground relief because we were supplied with a verbose survey which had levels data.  We were able to map the proposed ground surface directly onto this level data to more accurately show how the proposed development will sit on the existing land.

image showing a 3d architectural visualisation of a concept petroleum station kiosk.

Petrol Filling Station Architectural Animation

Still image of a Petrol Filling Station Concept

A still image from an architectural animation we made.

We were commissioned to create a flythrough / walkthrough animation of a conceptual Petrol Station in order to highlight key aspects of the construction process.  This was a 3 week project in which we created 6 shots and over 2000 full HD (1920 x 1080) frames.

We were provided architectural CAD plans and some photos of a newly built site and from this we created a 3D model.  We also used aerial photography as a spring board to create our own imaginary environment.

We created over 150 separate virtual materials for this visualisation project ranging from asphalt to zinc plating and used Blender and the Cycles rendering engine.

We also used Blender exclusively for composition, post production and video editing by rendering each frame with 5 layered openEXR format from Cycles and then re-importing the renders back into Blender for composition.  This used a staggering 1TB of intermediate storage but gave us a huge amount of flexibility towards the end of the process.

Although the final result is not quite photo-realistic, our client was more than happy with the result we achieved within the time-scale and budget.  We feel we pick a good point along the curve when it comes to cost effective 3D visualisation, you can throw more and more money and time at a project to get closer to true photo realism but you can get 90% of the way there for a fraction of the cost.

Shown above is a still image of the overall site, snippets of the animation can be found in our demo reel.

image depicting a concept sketch of a kitchen design. Interior Design project.

Rustic Kitchen Design Concept

We produced a full 3D Kitchen design from supplied plans and ultimately produced the rendered image shown.  Sketch versions were produced during the design process for rapid iteration.

Blender has come a long way and can now achieve satisfactory results with the cycles renderer. We produced this render from a kitchen concept recycled from a non paying client last year. It was too good to go to waste!. Get in touch if you have a spin-off kitchen design idea and would like to utilise some of the elements we used in this image.

3D Render of Kitchen

Here is the final result

kitchen: digital model

This is the final blender model