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Residential Park Home Architectural Rendering

Architectural Rendering of a Residential Park Home Development

We were commissioned to provide a set of proposed development Architectural Renderings for a Luxury Residential Park Home and Touring Park Development in Shropshire, England.  Using 5 different Park Home designs, supplied in 2D form (Plans and Elevations) along with a proposed site plan, we created 5no 3D models of building variants like the two shown below and positioned these from a random pool on the site.  We produced a few aerial shots of the entire site along with some close up shots like the ones pictured below.


Residential Park Home Architectural Visualisation

Another View of this Residential Park Home and Touring Park Development in Shropshire, England



Aerial Visualisation of a proposed Residential Park Home Development

Here we have an Aerial Visualisation of the proposed Residential Park Home Development & Touring Park. The entire environment is computer generated art with 100’s of trees. We used aerial photography as a reference.



Residential Park Home Architectural Rendering

A Conceptual Style render of one of the Park Homes for this site.

Architectural Visualisation of a Retail Interior

Architectural Visualisation of a Retail Clothing Shop Interior

We were commissioned to produce this set of visualisations for a clothing retailer here in the UK.  They were in the process of updating their brand and wanted to emphasize a clean crisp looks.  They provided us with a complete set of finishes they had chosen along with 2D CAD Plans of a proposed shop space, including their racking. We used this information to create an accurate 3D model of how the proposal would look.

We ended up using a mix of off the shelf clothing 3D assets as well as creating our own, including the manequinn.  Creating 3D clothing was challenging but we learned a lot during the process and are keen to do another clothing store!.


Architectural Visualisation of a Retail Interior

We were commissioned to produce this set of CGI renderings for a proposed clothing retail shop.

Retail Grocery Asset Pack - Unreal Engine 4

WIP: Retail Asset Pack for Unreal Engine 4

The goal here is to create a fully stocked grocery store for use in Archtectural Visualisations & computer games.

Obviously there are a lot of items in a fully stocked store so I’ve put a lot of thought into optimizing models and draw calls for use in a real-time graphics engine such as unreal engine 4.  For example, in the screenshot below there are only 2 unique static meshes for the entire shop’s confectionary, all driven by a single branding texture atlas.  I made 2 different materials for each giving 4 unique stacks of confectionary.  Once you reposition the stacks and mix & match materials and static meshes you get enough variation to look convincing IMHO.

I took a similar approach to the bottles crisp packets & cans, mixing individual models in different configurations and using multiple materials to drive the variation.

Retail Grocery Asset Pack - Unreal Engine 4

Retail Grocery Asset Pack – Unreal Engine 4

Retail Grocery Asset Pack - Unreal Engine 4

Retail Grocery Asset Pack – Unreal Engine 4

Retail Grocery Asset Pack - Unreal Engine 4

Retail Grocery Asset Pack – Unreal Engine 4


There’s a lot of work still to be done. If you think you would be interested in buying the final product, come give me encouragement on twitter – @cedeon.

Unreal Marketplace post is here –



Image showing a virtual street scene photograph of a proposed housing developement.

Bespoke Property Marketing Web Page with CGI Visuals

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We are now selling bespoke property marketing web pages such as the one shown above.  We hope this will be a great accompaniment to our CGI 3D Architectural Visualisations and offer a complete package to property developers.  Combined with our CGI Imagery & Architects’ 2D Plans this should make for a comprehensive promotional marketing product.

We offer a managed and non managed version of the web page along with all the source code.  Unlike other companies that just offer branded skins for example WordPress templates, all of our websites are hand crafted and completely bespoke.  We will work with you to offer a unique page that suits your needs and conveys the information that you wish to promote.


Property Marketing Website Portals for Rent by Cedeon Design

A Complete Solution

From the confines and capital safety of the early design stage we can demonstrate what a fully built property would look like as well as release its marketing material, publicly before anything is built.  Using our products we can get you to market earlier, gather up interest and help gain investors and potential buyers, all from the safety of the early design process.  This allows you to speculate and is a great low cost/high impact way to gauge interest.  We believe this can also drive positive design decisions by gathering feedback and help you make decisions that would not be as easy to make if you had committed them to the actual build.

Our process.

  1. From 2D drawings, or sketches we first start by creating 3D models of the proposal.  Working with you to apply virtual building materials & furnishings we then generate a complete photorealistic 3D visualisation of your building proposal and generate marketing visuals such as exterior street scenes, interior designs etc.
  2. Using the 3D visualisations above we create a bespoke fully responsive website such as the example here:-
    We embellish this with marketing and design information, 2D plans, specifications etc to create a comprehensive marketing product.


Venetian Art Gallery Concept

Art Gallery: Interior Visualisation

We replicated a conversion of an existing Venetian boat store to Art Gallery to display Adrian Tuchel’s Watercolour Artwork ( http://adriantuchel.gallery ).  Everything on display here is meticulously modelled, textured, rendered, animated, edited by us – (with the exception of Adrian’s amazing artwork of course!) The music is courtesy of: http://www.bensound.com


Architectural Visualisation Residential Buckinghamshire Shot 3

Architectural Visualisation: Residential Development in Buckinghamshire, UK

We were recently commissioned to provide a set of Architectural Visualisations for a Local Authority Planning Committee meeting.  The purpose of these images was to show the proposal to the public and to assist in a planning application process.

Architectural Visualisation Residential Buckinghamshire Shot 1

This is an Architectural Visualisation of a proposed housing development in Buckinghamshire, UK


Architectural Visualisation Residential Buckinghamshire Shot 2

Another shot of the same proposal.

Virtual Reality Construction Details – Proof of concept

We recently created a quick proof of concept 360 degree stereoscopic 3D Virtual Reality video for a UK Building regulations robust construction detail.

The idea is to use cutting edge V.R. Headsets such as the Oculus Rift or lower cost options like Google Cardboard on smart phone to leverage new design visualisation opportunities.  This is just a rudimentary example that took us one day to complete – we could easily expand this animation to include anything you can imagine.

If you are a Google Cardboard owner please use the you tube option here.


Oculus Rift owners please click here to watch this on Vrideo

It probably goes without saying but at the time of posting this you would need to be running a cutting edge (Nightly Firefox) browser if you have a VR headset but im guessing if you have one then you already know that.



Kitchen Design Visualisation June

Kitchen Design Visualisation

A quick space planning kitchen design visualisation we prepared recently.  We were able to use a large number of digital assets from our library to ‘kit bash’ a kitchen to create this interior design visualisation.

Click on the version below to see the full resolution version.


Kitchen Design Visualisation June