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Our ongoing commercial BIM to Visual bridging work – early 2015

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It’s an exciting start to the year so far – we have pioneered a unique workflow and have been working on joining the dots from CAD to BIM to ArchViz while maintaining rapid iteration capabilities throughout the pipeline.  Below is a sample of what we have been able to achieve at speeds we believe some practices churn out simple schemes.

A key to our success has been to create a closely knitted set of

2D -> 3D mechanical -> 3D low poly visual -> 3D high poly visual

re-usable digital assets.

Our client is on a tight budget so we’re currently creating this set of digital assets in parallel with site specific jobs and its currently sustainable due to having multiple sites to work on.

We would love to hear from potential clients that would like a bespoke set made from the ground up to suit

‘Sainsbury’s Local’ Convenience Store

On the back end we are working with our Client to produce a full BIM of this proposal and coordinating M&E, Structural and Architectural Elements together.  Using spot level data we re-created the existing topography and surrounding buildings to create the context for this new build project.

Sainsbury's Local Convenience Store London SW

A feasibility stage  architectural visual of we took out of our BIM workflow for a site meeting.  No photo manipulation tools were used as we had to keep a bi-directional workflow for rapid iteration.

Ongoing Sainsbury’s Petrol Forecourt Station Work

We have developed a bespoke 2D to 3D workflow bridging the transition between an existing set of 2D drawings and the new desire for BIM.  We believe we’ve found a way to do this as cheaply as possible by using Grade 1 BIM assets but presenting them with our Visualisation assets to create visually appealing conceptual imagery early on in the pipeline.


Another example of our fast feasibility stage BIM to ArchViz workflow


Another example of our fast feasibility stage BIM to ArchViz workflow