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A couple of web design projects

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A couple of people noticed that I had some web design skills after I finished the redesign of One Byte Too Many’s website so I was given the oportunity to do a few more.  Here they are:-

Phelps Communications -http://www.phelpscommunications.co.uk.

Fully responsive web site design, hand crafted css, zurb foundation and jekyll were used to make it

Fully responsive web site design, hand crafted css, zurb foundation and jekyll were used to make it


Phelps Communications is a rebrand of Accelerate Aerials and like the name suggests is an Aerial Installation, Satellite & CCTV installer specialist here in Burwell.   I was given a logo to work from but the rest was up to me.  It seems like everyone these days just slaps together a wordpress theme and pushes up a site but I wanted something a bit more bespoke.  I had great experiences with static site generators (I used pelican for One Byte Too Many

I had previous run-ins with Twitter’s Bootstrap in the past but I had never done a fully responsive site from scratch with a front end frame work.  I settled for Zurb Foundation in the end and I was glad I did.  For me it’s got a real intuitive class layout and I found it a joy to work with.   I also switched static site generator frameworks from Pelican to Jekyll despite my distaste of Ruby.  I’m hoping for a decent Javascript framework as something always grinds me about ruby’s syntax.

The New Europe Society Website – http://www.neweurope.org.uk


I used a similar process here, again utilizing Zurb Foundation 5 and Jekyll.  I relied upon Grunt to do all the site generation and it was the first time I had used it to generate a fully minified site.

These sites rock with responsiveness and load in no time at all.  I will definitely be taking the lessons I learned making these sites and using them again for future projects.

If you like them too and want to give me some SEO love (linking to these sites) in return for a huge discount in web-design then please get in contact with me at bill@cedeon.co.uk or 07846 069979.  Thanks.