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SketchUp: Finding Gaps In Edge Paths

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After a long hiatus,  I’m back in the Windows saddle and going through another CAD to SketchUp to Blender to Render workflow.

I was reminded of some problems I have run into countless times when importing line work from badly drawn CAD drawings.  You know the ones I’m sure, the ones where draftspersons have forgotten to turn their endpoint snaps on and you end up with lines that look like they are attached but really they are 0.00001mm apart.

SketchUp hates those guys and doesn’t play nicely at all.

Anyway it normally takes me a fair bit of frustration before I resort to scary methods such as Ruby coding, but in this case the pull was too strong so I ended up creating a plugin that can find edges that are unconnected.

Aside from my general dislike for Ruby syntax (I’m a python guy) it turns out that the SketchUp API is fairly elegant.  I was  left impressed and I might do more SketchUp plugins in the future.

If you like the video give me some feedback and i’ll do more.