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How To: Sketchup to Blender Layout UV’s to (back to) Sketchup. No plugins reqd.

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I’m writing this post because I have just spent nearly 24 hours on this problem and couldn’t find a solution on-line that met my needs.  I hope this helps someone else that wants to UV layout a simple model and import the UV’s back into sketch-up.  I found this to be a real pain.

Firstly You will need:

1) Sketchup:
2) Adobe Photoshop CS5 or above (never expected adobe to be the savior of a 3D issue!)
3) Blender.

I tried every sketchup plugin i could get my hands on for UV mapping, which is not very much.  I kept finding videos of The obj format export/import method and even got the blender fixed version of the plugin but things were not working for me.. I tried triangulation plugins and they helped somewhat but I was still getting faces in sketchup that were not holding on to their UV coords… this was all a very frustrating experience until Abobe of all people… saved my soul.  They actually have decent collada support..
A full collada workflow is VERY WELCOMED.. OBJ is so dated and I felt dirty the whole time I was exporting / importing with it.

I will TRY to put a video of this up if i get the chance but im very busy at the mo.. even more so after spending all this time on such a simple task.

Ok here’s the veg. Simply export your .DAE file.. and import into blender..  Keep the topology as is and UV map away until happy.   Export as collada but instead of importing to sketchup (which was loosing all UV information for me.. message me if im missing something here!)…  Import into Photoshop cs5 as a 3d layer.   Create a diffuse layer and scribble some profanities on it so you can test and giggle when they show up in sketchup.. then RE-EXPORT the collada file and import to sketchup.

For me this works awesomely.. material is linked, UV’s remain.. all is well with the world.. whats more i didn’t even have to manually open up a .OBJ file in vim and try to get my head around why things were not working!