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Design Process: My WIP for Lumion 2011 Competition Entry

Its been a while since I entered a competition… last time I came forth in the Space Ship contest on 3dbuzz.com … I have to try harder this time!.

So being true to myself I decided to try to be a contemporary Architect designing a whole fucking city, on a different planet using a architectural package with limited (earth based) importable assets.  Oh yeah and I’m a month behind everyone else on entering the competition.

So yeah, its not like I’m biting off more than I can chew… 🙂

Step 1. AutoCAD

I may be quite the AutoCAD hater this year, but I know where my roots are.. where my strengths are.  If I’m gonna build a city from scratch I better get typing in some REAL world units.  I don’t have the Artistic prowess to freestyle a city by hand.. frankly I don’t know how concept artists do it..  I have to go armed to the teeth with web searches for things like ‘Highway width dimensions’ and ‘how tall is the tallest skyscraper’ Mine is bigger by the way :).

Work in Progress Image- 01: AutoCAD

In my mind this looks awesome, honest.


Step2. SketchUp

The trouble with SketchUp is.. i just love free-styling too much!  I spent the rest of the day making some buildings.

screenshot of my work on google sketchup

A long road ahead...

Step3. Google Earth (Google Mars)

I found myself spending hours upon hours looking at the landscape photos on Google Mars.. they are amazing go check them out!  I then spent about 4 hours stitching all the best photos together to get the best possible resolution of realism for my height map and then spent about 2 hours colouring in the bottoms of craters to erase the sunlight from my height map.

Step 4.  Animatics

It was a bit of a crazy thing but believe it or not I didn’t download Lumion until this point.  I had no idea what the software was, except that I was going to be using it for the competition.  Man was I lucky that I can turn the fog brown, or I would have picked a bad location for my city :).

More to come in the next few days (I hope!)