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It is often the case that a neighbour raises concerns to the Local Authorities about overshadowing during a planning application process. As our normal workflow pipeline is 3D it is simple for us to generate shadow maps for particular times of the day and submit them to the Local Authorities or your neighbours to alleviate concerns.

We have made great progress in reducing our cost for this service, get in touch with us for excellent rates.

3D Sun Study

For this particular project the neighbours were worried about overshadowing. It was trivial to show them an accurate representation of the shadows for a particular time of day because we already had a 3D building information model of the proposed development. 

3D Sunlight Analysis

3D Sunlight Analysis - Cedeon Design

Simple 3D Sunlight Analysis. Proposals are shown in green. A 12 page document showing the various Solstices and Equinoxes of the year typically costs around £150-£200 (as of June 2014). Cedeon Design