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3D Architectural Visualisation Services

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Our portfolio is the best way to explore our 3D Architectural Design. Unlike other companies that draft in 2D and then bolt on 3D later on in the pipeline, we work in 3D from the start. Our BIM tools and proprietary software is our company’s strong point.

Photo Realistic Presentations/Images

As a by-product to our 3D design approach, we are left with 3D model data that can quickly and affordably be re-used to make stunning photo-realistic images for presentation purposes. This has been a personal hobby of Director: William Culver since 2002, and his photo-graphical experience helps a lot.

Architectural Animation

The next stage in the process after producing photo-realistic images is to create a chain of images in an animated walk-through. We don’t stop there, animating birds, cars, wind blowing foliage, all to create the most realistic impression that we can. The process is quite expensive, in terms of man hours and we are currently in the process of streamlining.

Architectural Sun Studies

Utilizing the 3D model from the design process, as well as geographical location data, it becomes a fairly simple process to produce a Sun Study and shadow analysis of any time of day on any given date. This is becoming an increasingly popular demand from Local Authorities in the Planning Application process.

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

BIM is gathering slow adoption in the construction sector and we are right at the front of the crowd.  We have streamlined our process and can now offer extremely competitive rates for creating a BIM from 2D drawings or from scratch.  We currently use Revit and have an extensive library of 3D components such as kitchen tops from our extensive work in kitchen design. You wont find many small firms that can offer BIM services as feasibly as us because we have invested a lot of time into pioneering a 2D to 3D conversion process.